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Wedding in Puglia? Choose a farmhouse for your dream Italian wedding

Wedding in Puglia? Choose a farmhouse for your dream Italian wedding
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One of the most enchanting sights of the Puglia‚Äôs landscape has to be its ‘masserie’ – or traditional stone farmhouses.

So enchanting in fact, that they’ve even been made the subject of a book, these farmhouses often combine an intriguing architectural blend of both farming and military features – a clue for the keen-eyed traveller to Puglia’s lively history as both agricultural centre and target for marauding invaders including the Normans, Turks, and Greeks.

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Despite dating as far back as the Middle Ages, most of Puglia’s ‘masserie’ have remained unspoiled and deeply connected to their agricultural roots, and possess a fabulous rustic charm beautifully in keeping with the Mediterranean countryside.

Some have found a new lease of life as elegant bed-and-breakfast establishments with a lovely boutique feel, where guests can sample authentic local cuisine as well as beautiful scenery, safe in the knowledge that their house-proud hosts are serving up only the most authentic southern Italian experience.

And many more ‘masserie’ have remained working family farms, passed down from generation to generation, and are renowned for producing outstanding wines, olive oil, and other famed Puglian specialities.

Italians take their food very seriously, and local restaurant owners and housewives alike think nothing of a trip to a nearby ‘masseria’, to make sure they get hold of the best ingredients available.

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Fortunately, if you like the idea of a masseria-based wedding, you won’t have to join them in shopping around, because here at Madama we’ve already done that for you! We’ve selected some of the very best and most beautiful Puglian ‘masserie’ as our venues and suppliers.

To see Madama’s hand-picked masseria locations, visit our Wedding Venues page.

Locations that will leave you a stone’s throw away from beaches to rival the Caribbean, or enveloped in the tranquility of olive trees and soft Mediterranean hillsides, we can supply the ultimate in rural chic, steeped in history, style and comfort.

Are you dreaming of an Italian wedding yet? If you’d like to arrange your perfect wedding in Puglia, don’t hesitate to contact us.