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Some of our favourite details from our year in weddings

Some of our favourite details from our year in weddings
Image Credit Nicola Cassandro. A pretty, vintage tandem cycle, one of favourite wedding details this year.

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."

At Madama, we'll take care of all the little details for you. Here's five of our favourites little things from some of the Puglian weddings we've arranged this year.

On a bicycle made for two

BLOG 171212 madama weddings puglia italy 01 tandem bicycle

We love the cosy, rustic feel of this vintage tandem bicycle as a decoration. It looks great in the wedding photos, and of course conjures up thoughts of a bicycle ride for two through the dreamy warmth of the southern Italian countryside. Very romantic!

Through a tunnel made of lights

BLOG 171212 madama weddings puglia italy 02 sparkler tunnel

A request from one of our couples, and a wonderful idea. A fun, informal twist on a traditional guard of honour, the sparkler tunnel really emphasises the 'togetherness' of the wedding party, and the sense of a bride and groom embarking on a really special journey. It makes for some amazing action shots in the wedding photos too!

Pretty as a picture (frame)

BLOG 171212 madama weddings puglia italy 03 picture frame

A simple prop that always proves popular on the day - particularly with the 'posers' among your wedding party! The giant picture frame also creates some very social-media-friendly snaps that your more tech-savvy guests can upload, tag and share immediately. 

A message in the sand

BLOG 171212 madama weddings puglia italy 04 sand ceremony

More than just a pretty decoration, these glass vessels played an important part in one of our weddings this year. They're filled with coloured sand (in this case, white for the bride and purple for the groom), mixed together at a key point during the ceremony. An increasingly popular choice at non-religious ceremonies, the moment is a memorable visual symbol of the couple's coming together, and can also be a great way of getting kids or family members involved.

(Don't get) blinded by love...

BLOG 171212 madama weddings puglia italy 05 sunglasses

...or the Italian sunshine! We love thinking of cute, quirky ways to provide some of the practicals that come up on the wedding day. Whether it's pretty white parasols (for rain or shine), blankets for al fresco evenings, or this sweet little pot of sunglasses for guests to use, tucked in the branches of an old olive tree as if left by some thoughtful fashion fairies!

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