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Madama's three key wedding planning decisions to get right - part 3

Madama's three key wedding planning decisions to get right - part 3
Image Credit Nicola Cassandro. A couple ties the knot at a stunning Madama venue.

Decision Three - Picking Your Wedding Venue

Once your guest numbers and your wedding date are in the bag, you can start the business of finding your dream wedding venue from all those amazing places you've seen in magazines and social media.

(If you're still grappling with your guest list, or wrestling with your wedding date, read our previous articles on these key decisions.)

When it comes to wedding venues, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice out there. Be clear about the kind of venue you like and, if you’re researching on the internet, use key words to narrow down your search. Be bold, be selective, and concentrate your time and energy on the kind of venue that fits your ideas, your theme and your budget.

Don't put the decision off for too long if you can help it - you're much more likely to get the wedding venue you want - on the date you want - if you get in there early. Like most things, if you make it a last-minute decision, you'll inevitably be picking from what's left on the shelf rather than what you really wanted.

And because your choice of wedding venue will play such a big part in setting the theme and feel of your wedding, you'll actually find that lots of other decisions flow much easier once you have a clear picture of your chosen wedding venue.

As we mentioned in our Wedding Guest List blog, have a clear idea of your wedding guest numbers before trying to pick your venue. If your wedding party is very large, that cosy, dreamy venue you fell in love with on Instagram might turn out to be too small to accommodate you. Equally, many larger venues have a minimum number of guests they'll take a booking for, particularly during peak wedding season, so if you're thinking of a very intimate wedding celebration with only your absolute nearest and dearest, you might find some venues are off the table for you.

If your budget is limited, be open to possibilities that could make your money work for you. For example, many wedding venues offer significant discounts for out-of-season weddings, or even for mid-week weddings during peak season. A winter or autumn wedding can be just as lovely as a summer wedding - particularly in Puglia, where the weather can still be super warm in April or October - and with a significantly smaller price tag.

To see some of the amazing wedding venues that Puglia in southern Italy has to offer - including some that are available exclusively from Madama - check out our Wedding Venues pages.

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